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Longevity Eye Health

Creating a healthy lifestyle in an era when digitization is increasingly common and we become more and more aware of the health effects that mobile and computer use has on our eyes. We shall be gladdened by the fact that the technical developments run at a furious pace, but meanwhile we should avoid the health traps caused by it.

Many ophthalmologists believe that you should reduce the mobile and PC usage if you encounter a decrease in your vision or twitching of the eyes due to the negative effect it has on your eyes. Research shows that the eye problems that previously occurred in the 60 and 70 year olds are now found in 20 and 30 year olds who naturally use the new technology. Most of us spend more than 5 hours per day in front of either, computer, smartphone, tablet or the TV, which emit blue light that creates irritation in the eyes.

Using Health Eyewear protects your eyes against the blue light and you will not feel the twitching of the eyes or the occurrence of blurred vision caused by using your computer, phone, tablet, or watching TV.